#WarofWords3: Nigeria what will you want me to do for you by High on Words

John F Kennedy said

Ask not what your country can do for you

Ask what you can do for your country

So this day I ask

Nigeria, what will you like me to do for you


Lament the days gone

When nothing was done

To curb and shun the corruption that barricade

The land like a high walled fence

Or stand for your defense

Urging my fellow citizens

To forget the days gone

And embrace this new born day

When we can together save your tongue

From lamentation

And your heart from fear

Nigeria, Nigerians, what will you want me do for you


Preserve our spirit

Which is a nation bound in freedom

Peace and unity

Freedom, our right to stand for the nation where we come from

The nation that gave us freedom

To speak and think

To sleep and rise

To relate and move with people of equal rights

Or quench your hunger for growth

With words and debates that questions

Reasons why we should put our thumbs up for

Your peace, security, prosperity and unity

You who have deprived our kids proper education

And our stomach right food for our health and physical growth


Nigeria, Nigerians, do you want me to do something for you

Like speak against governments and leaders

That regards not our children’s welfare

Paying less or no attention to the development of their minds

A government that failed to inform us about our collective history

That didn’t put to our minds what our collective purpose and dream is

Misleading us with the politics

That can’t stand for us in the face of terrorism

And religious and ethnic sentimentalism

The kind of politics that seeks power without purpose

That looks for wealth without cause

Enacting moral laws instead of convicting hearts of

The need to debase moral flaws


Nigeria, Nigerians, what do you want me to do for you

First of all, build my character and confidence

My value and statue

So that I can elevate you

Even at the enemy’s gate

You can’t be Nigeria if there are no Nigerians

Build yourself by building us

Promote yourself by promoting us

You must realize that you are as rich

As your people’s ability to defeat poverty and fear

You can only be great when your people are

And your security is in us not fighting and killing each other

Nigeria, Nigerians, what do you want me to do for you


by High On Word

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