#WarOfWords3: AGBADA AND BRIEFCASE by FourSyte Bogani

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They say, one who runs along cannot be outrun

What has horns can’t be wrapped in a sack for so long

From where you stand look behind

A glimpse of 53 years

Yes, we have come this far

Through created path and weeded lanes

Embrace pains and sweat

Emancipated through the rituals of our fore-fathers

Who were wiped and ushered away in slave ship

But their rebellious heart never left with the waters

Now, we all walk around with a giant tag

Printed on our fore-head

Giant of Africa!

I pray

I pray for our heritage to live

Longer than Metuselah

When things fall apart

The gods are to be blame

When the sun don’t give light to

The earth

When our harvest are lame

And can’t be sold

For even a punitive cost

But why not the farmer

My pledges rages in anger

What do Nigerians want?

You ask your self

I know this land

This land is blessed

With resources, vegetation

People with eminence

Shaking hands

Spreading forth this disease of


Tales have been told

Tale I know

Remember trade by barter

Sharing the little with love

Abi no be so we suppose live together

My dad will always tell stories

Of his old days in Kano

How he live and walk freely

Without trying to conceal his religion

Inside a pair of caftan

I know things changes

Must it be for the worst?

Am trying to understand

What happen those times

Who battered our conscience with lies

Where are the true Nigerians?

I can only behold selferians

Inflicting nightmares on their brothers

While they fall asleep

My head is heavy

My eyes are tired to take a walk

I still can’t sleep

I hear orations of lootings

Abduction of innocent school girls

Bomb blast, killings

Somebody just lost a love one

Do you even care

Displaced citizens

Imagine a home-made refugee

You even made us step on our selves to death

Just because we need a job

Thanks for your apology

But I believe

I believe in the land of darkness

There is a day for the rising sun

What Nigerians want

Is what I want

For us to be united

As a majority of one

Outstretch yours hands to touch

Cos, what you desire will never come

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