#WarOfWords3: 14042014 THE DARK JOURNAL by Yoma A.

14042014 THE DARK JOURNAL #WarOfWords3

Blind Widow: Why me, oh my pikin… keeping her gaze to the sky she asked God why didn’t He take her instead? Lying next to her was the bread winner of the family – a 7 year old hawking in order to afford the daily bread for her blind mom and herself in almost unrecognizable look. Everyone around her couldn’t fight their tears from falling.

Dumb Boy: (repeated blabbing and rapid hand movement) He witnessed the whole incidence from afar off and was struggling to tell the tale. No one understood his sign even though he kept at it, trembling in shock. Some minutes later, a junior student showed up and said he beckoning on his younger brother who was playing behind the buses that was engulfed by the explosion but now, he is no more.

Awaiting Father: My star, oh my little star… On getting a call from his pregnant wife who mustered the last courage to dial his number, he raced down only to meet her lifeless body. Weeping with a loud voice, he hugged her tightly and noticed his unborn baby making some movement. After a quick surgery to rescue the little girl, she didn’t make it beyond 10 seconds of birth who also suffered severe heat burn from the deceased mother.

Clusters, media clusters, the nation wails and marvel in shock. Today agony has ceased from being an idea or some emotions but was felt when men derail the path of being humans into monsters; dead to any human feeling.

The various tales from the bomb blast both written and unwritten in this dark journal is dedicated to all those affected by the bomb blast.

No human or religion has the right to take another man’s life. Laws are made to serve humans and not humans serving the law.

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