Winged words by Poet!c OracLe #WOWAfrica

One brother rose up with wings
Predatory hawk, to cast dark shadows over mothers children
Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and most recently Agatu!
Another brother rose up, and thus

Capitalism was born, begun, oopps I mean tower of Babel be gone!
From whence we swooped down, plunged, nosedived
Through Atmospheric concrete, metaphysics, astrology, dark phases of new ages
And forgotten history, but words give me wings to soar
and declare visions of better days ahead.

So, some say, the map of Africa is a gun
Nigeria is the trigger
And terrorism is the future…
But I say, I say
The map of Africa is a question mark
Nigeria is the answer
And at War of Words
We are bursting forth with solutions

My older brother, my older brother,
He grew up in a house where everything
He ever learnt, he learnt sitting in front of a TV screen
Nollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood
Atheism, pornography, violence
And boastfully he would say he is on his way to become
King of street disciples, thieves, murderers, and outlaws I presume
Not a single wing, I mean, not a single book to turn a new page in his darkened heart

I on the other hand, grew up
Surrounded with shelves holding more books than I can possibly read
Or even flip through; through seven lifetimes
Long walk to freedom- Nelson Mandela words give me wings
My experiment with truth – Mahatma Gandhi words give me wings
Life and times of Martin Luther King Jnr
Things fall apart- Chinua Achebe words give me wings
Nadine Gordimer – Get a life words give me wings
And Names, names like a whirlpool racing through my mind
Langston Hughes, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln,
Haile Selasie, Ojukwu, Gowon, Kwameh Nkrumah,
CheGuevera, Chairman Mao, Barack Obama, Plato, Aristotle
And every other name here watching me right now, rushing
through my mind like a whirlpool.
My heart’s panting, fingers scribbling feet racing
Replying those who insist that there is no God
The new age crusaders, those who would steal
The tongue from our children before they even learn to speak
Words give me wings…!

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