Victories don’t come by chance #WOWAfrica by Chika Jones

I come from a long line of failures,
Stringed together like a necklace,
Their falls have become heavy around my neck like chains,
I tell you, I come from ashes,
From the smoldering and the burning,
From the screaming and the falling,
I come from a long line of forgotten dreams and dashed hopes,
Left by the wayside like an empty can of coke,
Bereft of promise, bereft of hope,
Eyes deader than death,
Necks bare, bent and broken with expectations,
Hearts seared, scarred and unfeeling,
I tell you I come from want and despair,
From the pulsating bowels of fear.
But victories don’t come by chance,
So I have learned the steps to this dance,
Slowly but surely I have learned the answer to why,
So when you see me string words together on a stage,
Then know, know that I am ready to fly,
On words like a paper plane,
So while my friends travel on clouds of smoke,  marijuana,
I have travel on paper to Havana,
Italy,  Rome, Cleveland,
even Treasure Island,
I have been to Atlantis the lost Island,
Though my feet have never left this land.

I have seen flowers frozen in mid-bloom,
I have seen stars half-lit,
I have seen things left halfway,
Because sometimes we need words to fly,
And words to get there,
Because no,  victories don’t come by chance.

I have seen friends die,
Their blood spilled like a secret in the sun,
They dropped to the ground like stars out of the sky,
Cut down by a people who do not care enough,
So I have learned,

That the only way to live,
Is to speak,
Until this words grow wings,
And we shout at a frequency higher than the waves of hate,
Tune up our voices to decibels higher than that of ignorance,
Till this words can take us out of here,
Because no,  victories don’t come by chance.

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