Untitled by Vicadex #warofwords6

I bleed green for the bald headed landscape
That my great descendants will inherit
As long as the Amazon and African rain forests
Give way to monstrosities like the Lagos metropolis

I bleed green for the bouncing bear bottles
Brave enough to belly our sorrows in emigrating sips

I bleed green to retone the faded partitions of an hungry flag

I bleed green for the Royaless reign and sunless stewardship of the future by the careless cabals that have tossed us in to the regressive baptism of ethics, morals and the economy

I bleed green for the congestion of constipating content in the theatrical blasphemies of our youthful minds

I bleed green for the gloomy conclusions of social commentary

I bleed green for the cocky contemplations of insanity marauding as providence in the threesome choke hold of death, death and more death.

I bleed green for the sanctity of matrimony acidified by the ball grabbing of feverish feminism and pitiful patrichialism

I bleed green for a generation who thinks God ain’t big enough to correct them, after all He is entitled to His own opinions and they to theirs

I bleed green for the hypocrisy of religion
I bleed green For the godlessness of humanism
I bleed green for the poeticlessness of natural and institutional justice
I bleed green also because all this poem can say is what is wrong with the world with us in It.

but as long as hope remains on the horizon,
I’ll be a fountain
still bleeding
still bleeding green!

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