TobiTaiwoDonald – Words are Powerful #WOWAfrica

Words are so powerful
they can create the wildest imagination
I mean words of someone so powerful brought about creation
they can give inspiration
they bring smiles to peoples faces
and joy to those bitter hidden places
they can bring about a revolution
i remember Martin Luther King jr’s ‘ i have a dream speech’ still brings chills to my spines
but remember  words can also bring destruction
words from a radio station in 1994 Rwanda instigated a nationwide genocide
and by force they make you pick a side
words can fuel hate that cause violence
words can hurt more than bruises
they can turn a warm sunday morning cold and silence like there was mourning
so words are powerful
in the tougue lies life and death
only listen to the words of the wise
cause a wise man always speaks wen he has something to say
but a fool says just to say something
so be wise
before you speak think, be carefully the words you take in
because words can affect your mind , shape your thinking and create your future
so undoubtedly word do give wings
they give wings to the mind and ultimately wings to life.
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