THIS GENERATION LEFT by Olusola Coker aka Mr. Choke #WarOfWords4

THIS GENERATION LEFT by Olusola Coker aka Mr. Choke

The right rhythms have left us…
The left lyrics are not right.
Right after my generation left
The right tunes’ been pushed to the left.

My daughter writes with her left hand,
So she has no choice but to speak right.
But her playlist has left her struggling to live right,
Since the right songs have left the charts

Right is pushed left so the left becomes right,
The radio houses left won’t promote the right songs.
So we’re left with no choice but sing along in the wrong,
Like we have no right to ban all the songs left

Right music have been left stranded,
Left grounded by people right-handed.
Great voices… are making great noises,
Giving our children very little or no choices.

There’s just a little left of what is right,
The few ones left are too tired to write,
The very few that writes are pushed to the left,
This is a generation with zero values left.

Mr Choke

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