THE RIGHT THAT IS LEFT by Ewurum Nancee #WarOfWords4

When wrong is right
And right is relative
Then right becomes good or bad
Up or down
Depending on who wears the crown
Do we have to turn left to go right?

What is left of the days when modest apparel was
As common as the very air we breathe, when laws
Of motion obeyed gravity to keep down the straws
So as to greet the ultimate union with adored applause?

What is left of the days when it was grossly inglorious
To have a child out-of-wedlock who be called spurious
And with the media, it was ok for it to be outrageous
And even the culprits would acknowledge that their act was atrocious?

What is left of the days when schools were for education
And student were taught with well-structured denotation
When prudent morals sat side by side with oxidation and permutation
When resources and sexual commerce did not earn a dissertation?

Aiii!! Aiiii!
I will tell you of the right that is left
A little bit of Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism
Brought to light by the generous effort of Ndidi Nwuneli’s altruism
Impressive creativity shining out in Chimamanda’s feminism
Information and Technology served freely by Gbenga Sesan’s activism

We have a good number of rights left
I dare to mention the zeal of Otto Orodaam in having education reach the down and out
I dare to mention contribution to literacy development through Holloway’s talent scout
I dare to mention Akerele’s determination to raise young leaders who stand out
I dare to mention Orekunrin’s doggedness to deliver healthcare through an air route

You and I are what is left of what is right
If we can focus our beam to be the very spotlight
That outshines the darkness in the system then we can unite
Through the changes we will become to be the very right
That is left.

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