Spoken word graduation speech

Dana Hills 2010 graduation

When I first heard about this graduation speech
I immediately jotted down what I was getting ready to preach
And prepared in my seat a spoken word composition
But not without administration permission
To perform this far outside of tradition
About our future endeavors and ambitions
Whether you become a firefighter or an electrician
Whether you become a teacher or a physician
Whether you become an activist or a politician
Whether you become mother or a jazz musician
All you need is a little ambition
To refuse to let any opposition
Prevent your dreams from coming to fruition

I’ll start this next part off with a sublime end rhyme I wrote in my spare time
Thinking back to that early high school phase
Freshman year, it was never the source of any malaise
Back to the girl I secretly liked, who seemed to give off beams of sunlight
I would never dare talk to her, I could only simply gaze
Not to sound too creepy, but I’m going off course anyway so to this let me rephrase
I remember when mom dropped me off on that first day,
And you know what she said to me?
The same, exact, thing, she said every day.
“Now go in there and pack some knowledge
In that noggin, and go prepare yourself for college”
“Yes, mom” as I constantly said,
Hopped out only to be greeted by who’s that yelling? Ohh, it’s Big Ned!
I walked with my two friends through the front
Only to be absorbed by that 3000 strong human current
It seemed everyone was an upper class giant
We had no choice but to go with the flow and be compliant

We quickly learned to shoulder this hallway abuse
Because as freshman we had yet to pay our high school dues
What could you say to that 6’5″ dude with arm sleeve tattoos,
Who knocked you six feet back without so much as a proper excuse?

Sophomore year was not much more difficult, education wise
But at least we could extract revenge, laughing at all the freshman now coming in pint-size
We read just about every indie novel you can buy
From Lord of the Flies all the way down to Catcher in the Rye
Little did we know the rest of high school wouldn’t be sunny with blue skies
But sophomore year did come in a nice disguise
And maybe thinking high school would be a breeze was a tad bit unwise
But hindsight’s Twenty-Twenty, as I was soon to be apprised

Junior year rolled around and it seemed impossible to surpass
For many the first time selling their souls to every AP class
Learning and cramming about some elemental inert gas
And each and every respective atomic mass

At last, we made, we’re at Senior Year
Self-diagnosing our senioritis as it kicked into high gear
Please, mom, you know me, it’s not too severe
Was the all too common response to our every parents’ fear
But c’mon guys, man up, let’s be honest here
There wasn’t much else to blame when those Schoolloop zero’s began to appear

Well, even though high school is now down the drain
Don’t ever forget the friends that you have gained
Or the lessons your teachers explained
Or the lessons you yourself ascertained
But go onto life ready, with your drive sustained, and your motivation unrestrained

You’ll find your spot in life if you try hard enough to construe
And make sure you never let the knowledge you’ve gained ever go askew
If life drags you down, pick yourself up and pull on through
Grab the bull by the horns and give it the quick one two
But most importantly, have a blast in life, and never stop your dream’s pursuit

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