SoulFly #wowAfrica by Aquila Kalagbor

The chains of depression have held me in this starkness..

The hallway to my future –Illuminated with darkness

I stumble, I trip I’m buried in straw

And while my friends take the easy route to the paystack

my hope, Like a needle- is lost in this haystack

I’m chasing daydreams that leave me sleepless at night

Everyday my passion is a war- battle – a fight


But there nothing likes my ink on paper

Like My fingers, flying over the keyboard

To be superman- I need no cape

My pen is my magic wand –

I’m dr snape and Methaphors are my great escape

Leaving hater’s with mouths agape

rymes give me a reason to smile


So When despair comes knocking and sorrow sings

Words will always always give me wings

Give me wings

Give me joy

Give  me peace of mind

Give me strength

Words rent me a space in heaven

Where all the angels watch 24/7


The vocal cords of my spirit will never die

Cos children everywhere will forever fly

When they hear the words I write.

Even if, just one wrong I right

If only one broken  soul I mend

bring one father back from around that bend

And one rejected sinner is only ‘tempted’

And one sucide victim only attempted

Then I can beat my heart and say

No I can breathe my last that way

Cos words will give wings to my soul

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