Seyi Shalom- My Name is Einstein #WowAfrica

And then she looked me in the eyes and said- You are good for nothing!
Immediately I forgot my name was Einstein
I was only thirteen and so I could not differentiate what opinion to take
and which to forsake
She was my High school teacher
So I believed she decides what opinion takes absolute dominion
Each time she speaks, her words brought me to surrender
Like a two edged sword it pricks me in my chest only to create a hole in
my heart
And this is not the medical ventricular septal defect
Her kind of words make you believe you could amount to nothing
So I came to the conclusion that I had nothing to render
Maybe it’s all because I had no opportunity to see the movie: No retreat,
No surrender
Or maybe I did but my dull brain wouldn’t allow me remember
I walked down from school each day like I was hopeless
Each time I felt less human
I looked up to the sky, only to discover…
Despite my predicament, the eagles never stopped soaring and the scorching
sun still shining
At a point, my friends left me alone
And like the team of Liverpool, I was left to walk all alone
I became a lone ranger
But surprisingly, my Mother never left me alone
She was never discouraged at any point
And even if she was, she never made me notice
She speaks with me per time and always mention…
Don’t ever give up!!
Her words were like honey to my belly, solutions to my question
And in no time, I began to think aright
All humans have one head and one brain I pondered
Sooner than expected the words of my Mother gave me wings like an Eagle
I became regenerated, yet rejuvenated
Few years down the line, I generated several laws in physics and won the
lobel prize in my field
To the people in my neighborhood, it seemed like a film
But No, it was just my time to be known
Surprisingly, one faithful morning I saw an old woman walked into my mansion
Alas! My High school teacher
She looked into my eyes, opened wide her mouth in shock and couldn’t say a
And then I walked up to her and said…
My name is Einstein and I have something to render
Words can either give you wings or shed your wings
But thanks to my Mother whose words grew my wings

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