ROAD TO IMMORTALITY  BY Thepenwarlord #WOWAfrica

A lion’s roar is heard far and wide in the JUNGLE-but I am human-a warlord with no MUSCLE.
I fight my wars with words because they are POWERFUL but one has to be CAREFUL not to lure himself in danger…A wordsmith must never be FEARFUL because he wields his pen like a sword used in lifes BATTLE…
When word up Africa said “words will give you wings”, I never dispute that fact because I have seen GREAT writers elevate to GREATER heights and wind blew their works to GREATEST hieghts… Why cant we be like them?
I respect the late Chinua Achebe, Buchi Emecheta, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Wole Soyinka, Ben Okri, Femi Osofisan and lots more…but this is our time! Our own AGE- that is why I am standing right here on this STAGE spitting fire like it’s the dragon AGE, even iron bars can not CAGE my words even if its not written down on a PAGE…
Art has made me an immortal while ignorants can be compared to pestles, this is why I must pound on peoples ear like I’m legend, a KING-who bears a RING of powerful thoughts… Tell me- who would dare to dabble in every word I carve or SWIM in mystery of word sea when they are not—POSEIDON…oh God!, see the beauty of words like VENUS.
Write your own words, you will gain RECOGNITION, you don’t even need to take it as a PROFESSION, just relax-speak and write like its your SALVATION…It will improve your writing skills, COMMUNICATION and your PRESENTATION.
LOOK!… Its COOL if you didn’t attend any SCHOOL, you can always be a writer or a motivational speaker TOO, even if you work with a TOOL to get FOOD-believe me, you are not a FOOL. Go for it if YOU have the passion and let the world sniff your ink…don’t let the thoughts burn in YOU,empty your heart on a white sheet,it wont stop your breathing…
BREATH!-don’t QUIT, even if your imagery is WEAK or your punchline is CLICHED… it takes a lot of practice to turn a SLEEK…Do not plagiarise, let your style be UNIQUE and believe that one day,you will reach the PEAK…because “Words—will—give—you—WINGS…”


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