Poetry Is… by Foursyte Bogani #WOWAfrica

Our people say,one who brings cola-nut brings life
So i present to you this poetic cola-nut
As we eat,let our wisdom grow taller than the iroko tree
Our son’s and daughters will never be captured by stupidity
Let our women be more fruitful for plenty

Poetry is a white linen on a peasant skin
Kings admire but can’t buy even in a dream
This ‘s where my imaginations begins
Wondering back afoot to the caves of the aborigines
Tracing the ancient print of an old rugged pen
As i ramble,stumble miles in pan-african territory
Ehen, who said we never had a history?
Before beauty was made ugliness
Our very being was natures business
Then paw-paw was not called karika papaya
Things were named, tamed in our own native grammertulobia
Passing six was never passing sense
Our fathers taciturnity appreciated common sense
without rentage proverbs lives in every home freely
Not as rodent,but as millet,as nugget,as traffic warders ushering us to the right path of our destiny
Oh! I miss those good old days
When my people sat round the fire side as it dazes
The moon was this close
The man perking fire wood inside can be seen when we lift our nose
Every night rituals of silent were made without a bottle of  schnapp
Ah! Papa Emeka the greatest storyteller,his oratorial prowess enculted the need for a thinking cap
Of how he fashion native tales with poetic regalia
About the mbe, oh sorry the tortoise how he broke its back and earn a shameful insignia
Something must kill a man
Must it be by his own ignorant hand ?
We crossed blindly and walk blindly
we barely see what we have lost
we threw dirt into the river that gave us clean water
we curse the earth that fill our barn in festival of hunger
Things have fallen apart from whence Okonkwo left for exile
Now,listen to the white mans adage
Words gives you wings to fly
Fly wherever but always remember to come back home with a stone
Let’s build this land we call our home

mbe means tortoise
grammatulobia is a slang for native language

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