OUR LIVES COUNT #WarOfWords6 by Chinedu Solomon Nsude

Are the lives of Musa and Aisha
Better than those of Terfa and Kuma.
Are they more important than Emeka and Ngozi;
Or they superior to
Kunle and Kemi.

Convince me if you can
That their nomadic businesses
Are better than those
Whose theirs are to grow
Food and other crops;
Cause many times at Iya Basira’s
Our orders for food come without meat
That she understands when we
Walk in and be like,
‘madam give me a plate without’.
So why do we have to die
Because of theirs.
Even when Theirs is not as necessary as ours.
Don’t get twisted,
This is not about who is better or more.

You see, over time Musa’s canes have evolved into AK 47s and other deadly machines
Commanding his flocks
To go eat our crops
And we dare not talk
Else we die.
For to him we are but infidels
Incapacitated and banned from fighting back.

Are we less Nigerians
Than they are?
Are our lives and property not
Among those to be
Protected by the military?
For on our account they go AWOL
Or rather why won’t the
Chief in charge command them
To defend us
And stop our being massacred
From the stretch of the lands of our great
Rivers Benue and Niger
Down it confluence and tributaries
and everywhere else
That is not of Musa and Aisha’s.
Yet whenever our brothers
From the Land of the
Rising Sun armless gather
To remember our fathers
Who paid the great price
In standing against these vices
Then these guys
With the green khakis
Will suddenly become warriors.

I am concern ’cause
I bleed green:
I’m alive and our land has
To be ever green
I’m concerned because I’m of
The trigger of Africa and
As long as I’m this
I bleed green

But then what can I do?
I have no gun
Nighter can I raise mobs
But I do have you, you and you
And I need you to stand for equal rights and justice!
Without which of course
There will be no Peace.

Musa and Aisha know this:
Know that Kunle and Kemi;
Ngbede and Ehi;
Terfa and Kuma
And all other Nigerians
That are not you
Are all equally humans
They have the rights to live
And to worship what or whosoever they want to worship.
Even if their chief security officers are too weak to secure them
They still have the right to live.
We still have the right to live
Cause our lives count!

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