Nguper Amange – I Speak This Words #WOWAfrica

I speak these words

to heal the world

move Mountains,

fund fountains:

bring to birth

every ears that is deaf

And every eye of the mind

That blinks but is blind

The insane

Every one of them to his sense

I speak this wolds to heal the world

Save the shoots

Right from the roots,

and the picks

from the pricks

Erase the enmity among humanity

greed and gluttony for unity

kidnapping, rape, child trafficking

And all kinds of domestic kicking

to renew the relationship – husband/wife

to reconcile man and the wild-life


I speak this worlds to heal the world

So in every word is speak

I speak strength to the weak

a voice for the voiceless

Help to the helpless

Hope to the hopeless

Worth to the worthless

I speak these words to heal the world

But With no evidence of confidence

These words are of no essence,

So all you do as of now

That you are down

is to offload the deficiency of diffidence that your mind shelters;

which for long has been taking solace on your shoulders.

For words can give you wings

Its left you to use them and spill-out springs

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