New Year, New Me | Spoken Word Poetry


It’s officially 2017, which means new year, new me!
And this time I mean it.
This is the year I’m truly going to change,
I’m actually going to take it seriously,
I’m going to hit the gym, eat healthy
and become the new lean, mean, machine,
Out with the old, in with the brand new improved identity.

Just watch me,
I’ll be making fruit smoothies on the daily,
go out for runs in the morning, and try out pilates,
I’ll say yes to more things and eat all the greens,
I’m talking Kale, spinach, wheatgrass, peas,
Increase my iron intake and cut down on my sleep,
I’ve got it all planned,
In a couple of months I’ll have doubled my productivity,
Gone will be the days of laziness and chronic fatigue,
Cos this is the year of the new me
and I’m gonna be unstoppable,
Just you wait and see.

I’m going to educate myself, understand topical stories,
read books, watch the news and improve my vocabulary,
I want to see things, travel the world, visit galleries,
Swim in the deep blue ocean and eat traditional delicacies.
There’s a whole world out there,
waiting to be explored,
I’ve limited myself for too long now, It’s time to get up and go.

I’m going to face all my fears and work through my bucket list,
tick them all off bit by bit.
Dress however I want and dance like no one’s watching,
cos life’s just too short, to care about what people think.
Organise myself, dance, film, read,
Talk about important stuff and write an infinite amount of poetry,
This is the year I finally sort my life out and chase the childhood dream!

But actually,
I say I’ll do all of these things, and sure the intention is there,
but I’m also going to learn to not beat myself up too much,
and try to be more fair.
All I can do is my best and that’s okay,
Cos the best part is knowing you made that effort and the things you learn along the way,
so yeah, let me re-phrase,
Yes I’m going to give it my all, but mostly I just want to be happy,
yes it’s a new year, and I’m going to work really hard,
but not for a new but a happier, healthier, better me.
I feel like it’s going to be a good one,
and I for one cannot be more ready,
so yeah 2017 – come at me

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