Never Walk Alone by Niyi Ogunyemi #WOWAfrica

Never Walk Alone

When the heart is submerged by a flood of despair

And darkness hovers on the soul, heavy like a sackcloth

I seek heavenly pleasure in my harem of ideas

And take refuge in that haven of Elysian bliss.

I suckle Nature’s mighty breasts

Till I am intoxicated by her splendid milk

Drunk in love I ascend in the rapture of holy ecstasies

Stimulated by the caress of words divine

A whisper from the muse is enough to make the soul air-borne.

I have mated with Life

I am pregnant with Hope

In the moment that I felt forsaken

I heard a still small voice say to me

“You Will Never Walk Alone.”

In this highly charged realm wherein

Words Give You Wings

I literally feel the mighty and deathless vibration

of the voice that proclaims,

“Let there be light!”

My heart trembles to a breath of prophecy

As the fiery vibration kindles a fire in my spirit

An energy of white fire pulsating through my entire being

A beacon torch to seek out the footprints of the Ultimate Intellect

The Beautiful Essence behind the beauty of creation

And discover within myself the rare gem

to which all the stars pale in comparison.

Favoured by the countenance of the sun

I bathe my head in the hues of the new dawn

My eyes are lit from the lamps of heaven

lighting a spark in the weariest of eyes.

Unto us a light is born

a tender blossom on a rugged stem

I am in love with Hope

I am pregnant… for Life.

In the moment that I felt all alone

I heard the voice say to me “You will never walk alone.”

I, I more than anyone else know what it means to be forlorn

I have gone many days without a song

There is no respite for what is born

The promise of freedom is only for the strong.

I am a student in the School of Hard Knocks

And this is one lesson I’ve learnt:

If you must weep, let your tears water the seed of hope.

If you are despised, let your heart nurture the gift of love.

A soul inspired is a soul on fire

Machinery of legendary cults

A soul inspired is a soul empowered

Empowered… to produce desired results.

I am a student in the School of Hard Knocks

And if there’s one lesson I’ve learnt:

In time of crisis, life boils down to the basics

When life becomes a Nightmare

Only your Dream can save you from the horror of it.

Life has taken me from the source of rainfall

through the depths of drought…

And I… I have come forth whole.

Never Walk Alone.


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