My Youth #WarOfWords6 – Stevey Taylor

What does it mean to be a young man in this country
To be in, fresh out, years after university
Toiling and stressing hoping for a blessing
Or already being blessed so you’re on fleek with your dressing
Yet I can’t walk on the street without being stopped and searched
By these men in black who eye me with judgement
Who see me as a potential criminal with minimal chances of my success being legal
With my plain white t and plaid shirt, they say he looks too good to not be scamming his way or looking for a quick pay
So let’s harass him in the name of national safety and blatantly accuse him of being a being who’s being cannot be good for this society
Let’s strip him and invade his privacy, go through his phones till we see a word that doesn’t sit right so we can take him in and accuse him of a sin that’s not technically seen as a sin but in tally with our biased concept of of sin
And God forbid I buy a car
Cause then I’d have to be 2 hours late to my lunch date
After seeing figures in black and blue ready to beat me black and blue
Till I bleed green
And go lean
Become a fiend
A being created by the selfishness of our leaders
Green and White turned black and red
Darkness and blood, shed
Drawing dollar signs on the lines of your pocket
At our expense
And you wonder why most youth indulge in nonsense
How does it feel to be a young man in this country
To walk on the ledge
Live your life on the edge
Laptop in hand with a pack of cigarettes
Behaving so belligerent
Looking for your next victim
Is it him, is it her??
Is it your peer that’s worked so hard, but has to look over his shoulder
he can no longer, because of your actions
have peace of mind
Yes you with your 200 dollar pants and lips as black as your soul
Rubbing your blackness, staining my melanin
Pardon me if I sound condescending but these words are descending from a place of pain and fatigue
So I plead
I am tired
What does it mean to be a young man in this country
It’s mean all our actions are intertwined and we need to rewind our thought process
Cause if I’m prosecuted for the action of my brother in another state, in another time
Then it’s not all man for himself anymore
What does it mean to be a young man in this country??
It’s no walk in the park
I’ll tell you that much


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