My heart bleeds, still green – Ajimi Blessing Ewoma #warofwords6

If i was to tell you show i was in the worst part of my life, what would you do.
Honestly, i speak sincerity in diversity but not in purity because my ingenuity is far from my locality.
Oh my time is running, i know, but i do not care. This is my story, but can a story end without a beginning.
So this is how it began, during my school days, i smoked, coked and cooked weed, sort lecturer, do you still love me.
I kept all my friends from church just to keep my confraternity in check, dated seven guys, took oath with them, spell bound when they ought to be free, but here i am standing.
Now i ask you, do you love this being standing right here before you, because i can feel it, though not from my feet, i know it, the love you have for me is dripping down your hand through your vein, i can see it.
I have given and afflicted many with affliction of world wide infection, come to my home, they are not secure, come to my town, they are scared of the terror by night cos i came only to steal, kill and destroy but i am not the devil. My priority is to see the tears, screams, the fear and pain.
Now i would ask , do you still love me, when i know seed time and harvest will never seize.
When i come from my aboard with my corporate outfit to fit the occasion, you do not know my story, yet you want to take my glory. On my school uniform, nicely ironed, white socks, becoming punctuality prefect, you do not know my story.
Because i am my story, laying in my story, sleeping in my story, because i am me, i am dead, i am not breathing cos the feelings, care and love is slowly bleeding away like chlorophyll from the flame of the forest, seeing my folks round about me.
I envy them father, feel me mum, hear me people because right now i am double, i am standing talking yet sitting listening, cos i am the only one in the box, but i cry out on this day, cos we want to break out of the box, we want to bleed, bleeding is not evil, bleeding is life, i want to bleed blood from the ancient day to the present where you are right now as it has been with Jacob marrying Rachael, mum and dad becoming one, children making their parents proud.
But if you love for me wax cold when i know it suppose to be me feeling me, if you cut me out of the family tree, if you deny me education, if my right as a human is taken away, if my vote does not count, if you threaten to kill me cos of my religion, then i would have no choice but to believe not all men are to ride in horses, not all children are born with silver spoon, then i would have no choice but to stop bleeding. This is me , still bleeding green . this is our life, our story, do you bleed green,

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