Man’s greatest problem by Abdul-baseet Eshikhena aka Bassick #WOWAfrica

Man’s greatest problem
isn’t war Or genocide
It isn’t bomber’s nature of suicide
Or crop killing human from overdose of fungicide… No
Man’s problem isn’t in the rising CO2 level in the sky
The Escalating fuel price
No it is nor of that

Man’s greatest problem is found in his heart
And we can’t use a telescope or stethoscope to see what’s inside
And truly we don’t need to
We just need to watch man’s speech
For you would agree with me too, that out of the abundance of the heart so those man’s mouth sings
Only if u listen
You will hear him
Words of dreams and of life
But now his heart echoes sounds not of life
More like strife
Words filled with doubt
Is a representation of his heart filled with
Only if he believes that he can fly
Only if he knows
That wings a requirement to attain height
Only if he’s aware
That eyes are no longer prerequisite for sight
For we have seen people with eyes but still blind

For man’s greatest solution is his words
From the beginning was the word
And man has been given a choice
For we have given a choice
Light or darkness
Life or death
Which one would you speak
When your trapped in a cross road
Which would you seek

For greatness has been compressed in us
It’s in you like peak
The solution you seek
Start from the words you speak

And in this case
No one is left out
Whether u stay in Lekki or the creeks
Even if your surname is Obasanjo or Obaseki

Just be careful with the words you use
Words could kill you
Believe me words will either make or break u
Free or limit you
Believe me right word could heal you
Believe wrong words could kill you

From this day forth live your life
Cut your sleep short
Live that dream
Tell that joke
Believe me, you can do more than you ever believe you can
Give it your all
So that at the end of your life
Make sure they remember your name
Or better still make they remember your words

Man’s greatest problem isn’t the elevating sea levels
Man’s greatest problem is his heart
Man’s best Panacea are his words
So use them
When you change your words
You change your world

You can live a better life… Believe
Why just survive, when you can thrive
You already got wings
Why don’t you give yourself permission to Fly

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