Life of a green #Warofwords6 by Abdulbaaqee shayde.

They say this red earth is our skin, the shona said that the color comes from all the blood that has been spilled fighting over the land.
Tbis is home,best of all abode, the greatland of our heroes is now a place that what you hear in the morning news is bloodspillings, people dying from bomb blast killings, politician lying and the masses crying, a place whee the ratio of the national cake is 95 to 5, a 5% that makes us hope for better days, an unrealistic statistics that defines the masses. But we persist in pursuing our dreams, although we are not sure if the dreams we sow are gonna grow but we wake up everymorning to water them, that is what it means to have hope and we’ve never stop praying everyday, fridays or sundays that someday our nation will be redeemed, we embrace the streets searching for better ways to live. Thats the hustle when you are sure of getting to work late if you cant survive the daily lagos bus tussle, leaving your home for 5days hustling to avoid straving, and the only day that makes you happy in a month is payday that is the green way. This is our lives, where the aroma of our neighbors food makes us salivate, although we know we’ll never have a taste then we resort to drinking garri, need i mention that is what we’ve been having for the past 3days? A place where the youths dont necessarily need to vote for a politician but we vote for our next superstar on bigbrother Nigeria or project fame Africa, and higher number of instagram followers makesus popular amongst our haters,and our ladies believe that a picture in a hotter dress will attract her better address and also makes her instagram followers unrest. This is my home where most leaders and politicians only have a secondary school cert, and a graduate can never get a job wothout an NYSC cert, the irony, students spend their whole holidays hustling and still could not afford thier tuition fee, or the people that you work for refuse to pay up and your landlord keep persisting that you rent is up, as if you dont already know what’s up. This is what it means to be a green, it means being a survivor, a warrior with no armour, a soldier with no gun, being a green is having unwavering faith that someday you are gonna look back all these days, from the days when you firsr poem and you friends think that you are lame for performing spoken words even when they’ve never heard you spoke a word, to the days when you first held your mic and crowds never stopped cheering till you dropped your last rhyme. Being a green is that seed you sow in the summer, nurse and care for it like a mother, withstanding the harsh winter and smiling at your harvest in the spring, knowing that you’ve nourished that is green, with tears of a conqueror rolling down your cheek, you are a green and it’s evident in everyblood that you bleed,i bleed green and we all bleed green.

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