LET WORDS GIVE US WINGS #WOWAfrica by Hamzah Mayaki

My life is a dream that’s way too real,
Diabolic thoughts convicted my faith,
I’ve been down for too long,
I’m a diamond still in the dirt ,

This thing called life is wicked,
The pain it stabbed me with injured my soul,
The pain shattered my heart,
My existence is soaked in pain,

I’m in a depth of despair,
Happiness is nowhere near,
I feel pain everywhere,
My twisted mind is filled with fear,

Life is a double edged sword,
Everywhere hurts,
But heaven is just a mile away,
And I don’t have the strength to crawl out of this hell,

What if God decide to take my life today??
Will I see heaven’s gate?
I lost my grace,
My believe turned into hate,
My prayers turned into hate,

I was rogue,
The street filled my heart with greed,
I took the wrong step living my conscience behind,
I Allowed the devil hacked into my soul..
Breaking my relationship with GOD,

I was poor ,
I was dangerous,
I lived by the street rules the thugs created,
I was lost in this world,
Lost in this war,
But then….
What happened to us??
Sons of Adam,
Daughters of Eve,
Why are we living like this?

We created a world where harsh….
And abusive words are heavier than metal?
A world where we converse with knives,
Grenades and bullets,

A world where We no longer dialogue ,
We prefer to fight wars,
We prefer to kill each other,
No more inspiration in our rendition,

We no longer build,
All we do is destroy,

We busy Destroying everything,
Animals are going extinct,
We Cutting down trees,
We are destroying everything,
Even ourselves ,

But We can stop this,
Let’s use words to end the abuse of drugs,
Let’s use words to end the abuse of rights,
Let’s use words to end The abuse of freedom,

Let’s constructively increase the creativity in our society,
Let use words to end wars,
Let’s use words to fight hunger,
Let’s use words positively,

It’s time  to wake up,
Wake up and walk tall,
It’s time to stop sinking,
Let’s start swimming,
Its time to stop dying,
Let’s start living,
Let’s start breathing..

Let these words give us wings,
So we can fly away,
Away from all these pains and trouble,
Let these words give us strength so we can break our chains,
Let these words show us the route to freedom,
Because I’m just an artiste who paint pictures with words,
And I hope these words I preach touch you in the heart,
I hope these words show you the route to find solace,
I hope these words help you fly away from your pain.

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