JAMB 2016 by HAPPIE #WOWAfrica


I must have asked that a thousand times

But that’s not enough.

Cus all I get is excuses for answers

But excuse me, I’m talking about me.

I’m talking about days with no breaks

And nights with bright lights spent on pages and screens

Treating my eyes and brain with no mercy.

But I didn’t mind; cus all that was on my mind was

Making it to the next line.

I’ve been tested and proven excellent

But little did I know that excellence would be replaced with luck

Cus my anticipated dear success got hit

By a faulty failure traveling in high speed in a great Jam!


Now look what that attracted; a couple of…

There goes the brilliant lady who didn’t prove so brilliant lately

But despite what they may think

I’m more than what they think I’m worth


The fact that all things came to be by God the Creator’s spoken words

Makes it all clear – we live in a Word World.

And I have built my word kingdom where I’m the queen

So with my mouth speaking and my heart agreeing

There’s no need for grieving, cus I only say what I believe not what I fear

I believe the truth I know not the lie I hear

Cus even when I’m done with here, they’ll still hear it

Like Madiba screaming freedom in their ears they’ll hear it

See words can live forever.


So now that I’m queen my highness, let me give you my ideas

It is completely wrong to keep talking about the future but treating today like it’s not important

Using the prospective leaders of tomorrow as baits, plus

Never think the youths too young to make a change

At least I’m not, and words is what give us wings.

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