I’ve been bleeding green my whole life by Joy Nnebuogo Nwanokwai #WarOfWords6

I might not be performing this poem again.
So please let’s have a one night stand of how this country raped my dreams.
Let’s say a prayer for the boys and girls who went abroad in search of greener pasture from a land that was supposed to be green.
Let’s pretend I didn’t say this words.
Cos this country is a music…so amusing.
No wonder they sang change,change to our ears and later screamed…
I belong to nobody oh…
I’m just a poet!
So you see.
I don’t like writing about dead men.
Cos I’ve seen a lot of dead things and for long I’ve stopped believing in manifestos of dead men.
Cos the change we seek is a memorial song.
Can’t you see…?
I’ve lost my courtesy to be polite in a country where light is hardly seen.
So please forgive me.
This country don’t know what right is.
I’m not at ease.
You better don’t ask me to bleed green.
Cos I’ve been bleeding my whole life.
27 years of squatting in my own country.
You still want me to bleed green?
Nna maka why?
I don’t know if the rich also cry.
I’ve never been there but taste my tears and you will feel my pain.

NB: “Nna ma ka why” is an Igbo language which means ” Brother but why?” Then, “E nu go” is also an Igbo language which means ” Have you heard?”

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