ile ni abo isimi oko

ile ni abo isimi oko (is a yoruba proverb and it means Home is where the heart lies/ Home is where we seek refuge/ Home is where we rest after our labor)

My mother once told me,
Ile ni abo isimi oko.
I asked what she meant by this,
And she said,
Lions have their dens,
Birds have their nest,
And even Foxes have their holes.
No matter how far they go,
They must surely come back home.
For home is where the heart lies,
And the home is a place of residence, peace and refuge.

Hmm, ile ni abo isimi oko.
Men ought to look forward to going home after the day’s work.
Yet, many men would rather stay back at work than go home,
Cos their home is not at peace.

But really, how can the home be at peace,
When our homeland is about to be broken in pieces?
For the family is a reflection of the society,
the society is a reflection of the nation
And in this nation
For we have people whose tools of trade is destruction,
They go around causing chaos, confusion and commotion.
We have leaders who love to loot and plunder,
Not caring if they put the nation asunder.
We have people who start churches like PLC,
And they have lies running down their mouth like dysentery.
They tell people to bring hugee tithes and offerings, saying its better to give than to receive,
But they speak with hearts full of deceit.

Hmm, ile ni abo isimi oko.
Lets consider our future,
And look at the bigger picture.
For we are not permanent citizens of this planet,
cos one day we were born,
and one day we will die.
We came from somewhere,
And when we exit this planet,
We will go back to where we came from.
Have you ever thought about where you will end up when you exit this planet?
Well, I have and I know where I want to be.
I want to go home to my father in heaven and dwell with him for eternity.
Cos after all the stress, mess, test, contest, and conquest of this world.
Ile ni abo isimi oko.

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