I paint words to give you wings by JYC #WOWAfrica

In the beginning was silence
Life is threatening
Death is deafening
Who’s gonna die first?
me or you?
Life is not a film trick not a slam
not any man’s poetry not your punch lines
For my madness is different from your madness
Sanity differs
Tomorrow is an imagined rain
And the naked man longs to swim
humans are fools
Some humans are beautiful while other humans are been fooled
I am JYC
The backyard girl who couldn’t take a selfie of her face
Because she’s was told that her beauty cannot be seen
Who told you that your tribal mark is a scar?
Humans tell lies worst than the tears of crocodile
The human tongue cut deeper than blade
Sweet taste of blood… Pain… Death of truth
Some Humans are like torns
They twist your life and make you sharp with bitterness
So be careful what you listen to for humans are like grave music
Of lust
Of the whistling warning that the dog never heeds to
Life is a short play, so if you are waiting for a part two, you are on your own OYO
So do not snap your fingers for me or clap like you wish me
To watch me floor you
Then you smile like Judas, lol pls save your kiss to your self
I hope you know say na Six feet we go under the ground
Na me and you go go
So I no fear my fall cos the endless is inevitable, just that some smile to show you they are born with happiness for you
But really their celebration for you no reach their stomach
That’s why I say Some humans are like strong expired apu
wey get white face
You only see their angelic faces but taste them , then your belle go see pepper
Some humans are just like chinko product
Their human faces are deceitful full of Aba makeup
Some humans are beautiful while other humans are been fooled
But really, I JYC want you to be beautiful and be you
And if they tell you that you are not good enough
You can tell them that you are just enough
Life is not a competition
So I will not allow the judges score determine my lines
I will not let you be the you that will take away the me
Cos Everyday is a wake up call of how a man goes
Why can’t we live right and forget who is right or who has might
I am JYC
I paint words to give you wings
To give you freedom!

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