I Bleed Green #WarOfWords6 by Toby Abiodun

When the wind of conflict blows us till we are no longer one
and the air conditioning our atmosphere shows we have become a split unit
I bleed green.
When recession becomes ‘the experience’
and we are no longer a ‘house on the rock’
When peace becomes mere talk
and we are no longer a United Nation;
And till the day we begin to understand that one plus one equals you marks the beginning of our division
and that the addition of wrong policies polices this division
I bleed green.
I bleed green win or lose for this land where palm grows in palms
and rivers cross rivers
I bleed green ’cause other colors may be dangerous and even yellow get fever.
When the sound of war puts our ears at attention till we are no longer at ease
and the fury burning in our hearts won’t be appeased
When famine comes and all that remains of plenty are peas,
I bleed green.
When poverty spreads on us like butter and there is no bread
and death comes springing forth like the kind of water we won’t dare fetch,
I bleed green.
When reality comes like a fighter to beat my imagination
and I am forced to imagine a nation
where leaders came, took everything , left with leftovers and left us with nothing,
I bleed green.
I bleed green till we can stand like electric poles,
Till elections are no longer mere polls,
Till the truth becomes true and reality begins to tale its toll.
I bleed green tho’ I am not alien
I bleed green and you know this truth is salient
Till we become a force to reckon with
Till our stock exchange really begins to stock exchange
Till the Commonwealth becomes to us a common wealth,
I bleed green.

I bleed green win or lose
and I say it with a grin!

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