I Bleed Green #WarOfWords6 by Love David

Waking up to reality to see the nightmare we have become
The echoes of our cries extends to infinity and beyond
But it seems no one is listening and everyone is acting dumb
Till we drain the last of our greenish blood

Our fathers were victims
They were our supposed heroes who fought for the same reasons
We promised their burial was going to be befitting
Even their coffins lack an iota of envy
Coffins with rusted nails, nails filled with curses years of curses from sorrowful souls
Those that lit our world have had their lights extinguished too soon
I bleed green

Coz when we were young
We played on the streets till Dusk
Our feet caressed the evening dust
We shared selfless moments in Love
And no one cared about our flaws

Ancient worlds we hope
No missiles dropping drones
No scientists making clones
Dead souls die old

The young shall grow but the old ones refuse to die
And we imagined the future as we listened to tales by moonlight
We never knew our dreams were gonna be televised
But we kept pouring our passion and watched it come alive
And the little life our dreams got, was taken out
Now we see our shattered dreams through broken mirrors
I bleed green

Seeing rich people making poor decisions
Enforcing laws without considerations
Craving for power with ill intentions
The love for money with inordinate obsession

The poor struggle for the crumbs
Stench from the street so bad; we had to bury the corpse
And there is no point calling a funeral coz one one will come
Like the earth is cursed and everyone is left alone to carry his cross
I bleed green

I bleed green
Coz have lost every ounce of my hemoglobin
Seeing a country like Nigeria blessed with enormous natural resources
Yet like an underdog going about cap in hand to her contemporaries
The future is disappointed in itself
And left us alone in our burning bush to talk to our God

Well, God
I don’t know if you are listening
I am optimistic about a new Nigeria
That will unveil the awesomeness of a new era
Where the chaos and the debauchery we’ve had to endure will now end
And together we will deal with the hydra
But until then; I bleed green, times and over again i bleed green
I bleed different shades of green
I bleed green

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