I Bleed Green #WarOfWords6 by Clemency Green

Sharpen your mind with the books that you read
And Pierce these words of mine that you heed
Do this deed and see what I bleed
I bleed green

I bleed green
The blood of the innocent
Martyrs that are not saints
Spilled everyday on the battlefield of survival
And we can’t cry over spilled blood
Because foul no dey cry for night
And NEPA go still carry light
And terrorists still dey fight
And public funds still alight
From politician’s private flight
And what is left is still not right

I bleed green
Blood seeping into port holes
Because money meant to fix roads
Have ported through holes
To chill in one place till whistle blows
Or the trumpet sounds
Whichever comes first
Their watered down consciences can not quench their thirst
Choking on the national cake they still wanna have a taste

I bleed green
Upon the sands of time
In the arena of history
Fallen gladiators past
Their bodies cold they lay (Dele)
Still we war (we war)
Over the same vices
For which they fell (Fella)
I bleed green
And hope this green
Flowing through my ARTeries
Will not be in vain

(C) Clemency Green

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