I Bleed Green #WarOfWords6 by Ajijola Habeeb Beloved

The rain drills holes in my marrow
Filling it with the tears the clouds couldn’t stomach
The sun shines during the day
And give way to the darkness at night
Yet our hearts know no season
It is always dark with sorrow in here
I am injured
And I Bleed green

I am the boy who always has a smile on his face
Not because his heart knows no sorrow
But he has chosen to accept his fate
He knows no joy would come tomorrow

I am the battered dream of the seed
That never rose beyond the soil
I am the leaves of unwatered plantations
That would never know what it feels like to be green again

I am fatally injured
And I bleed green

I am that child who was raised on the streets
I am that little boy Who had not even a shoe

I am that girl deprived of the education I should have
I am the young lady subjected to a live of conjugal sorrow
I am that mistake born of societal decay
I am the unborn child who was never allowed to live

I am that man with a rope around his neck
The one standing on the railings of third mainland bridge
The one holding a gun to his head
I am the graduate of twelve years without a job

I am that old man lacking the grace of dying in peace
I am the aged, who still have to beg before I eat
After dedication 35 years of my life to the civil service

I am man and I am woman
I am the truth that cometh without salvation

I am the child and I am the father
I represent an entire generation

I am you and I am her
I am the voice ferrying the plight of a nation

I am nothing and I am everything
I am the soil and I am the flesh

I am Nigeria
I am an injured nation
And I bleed green

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