I bleed Green – Vivian Daniel #warofwords6

It all came to pass at the time my fathers struggles for independence
That i have to know who my enemies are and never to accept the white are better off than me
It seems am not alone
It all becomes a battle
It all becomes a challenge, like the sun sum set some stone
When hot like a cold whether
Still reminding of spending several night reading miles of book
With mercy seat and table and chew bread

But all this still boils down to our youth
Who struggles to go to school, learn abroad and come home
But we forget that English is a language, and not a measure of intelligence
I feel pain and hurt
Whenever i see our youth going down for the enemies they know
I bleed green, but green is an image of me standing for agriculture, self sustenance and cultivation
Africa is made with green
And that is what makes my country outstanding.

I was told that going to school is all that matter
I was told getting married, having kids is all i could ever possibly achieve
I was told hard work was the only way to success
So in my ignorance
I looked up to the bricklayers and truck-pushers
Whose sweat was bleeding in the ever basking sun,
Whose heat evaporated their chlorophyll of hope

As a child i was taught to learn and accept abuse as part of my life
Seeing my father beat my mother at the slightest provocation,
Watch her bleed tears, that is customized with being green,
Because the society told her to shut up whenever a man speaks

In my school, i watch my teacher toil day and night just to impact so much
Mr efe had a little night rest just to pass different knowledge to survive in a nation like ours
Same nation that never cared about his sweat, by withholding his reward
I saw mr efe writing on the board under a heated roof, sweating,yes, sweating still for his country

My society is surrendered by green viper, who masked themselves as politician and rulers
Milking every milk, that would nourish our body thereby making us dry to bleed only green with hate, corruption,envy and even killing the next person just to survive.

Before you stand there to judge me
With every label placed on me, you should know my story
I have been cheated by the people i care and looked up to
The church, the system, my family, my government and you watching me
But guess what
The chlorophyll in the Nigeria flag
Is so green that my hope is strong and green
You might have push me down
But i wont stay down
You might have blindfolded me
But i have regain my sight

My strength come from the root on which i stand
My blood flows with green that brings hope, that carries me
That no matter what we see or hear
My nation has survived worst than this,
They taught me to survive, to bleed green in every battle i face
To stand with the strength my forefather stood with and travail
I ask you this question, do you bleed green in what face everyday, be true. God we see us through

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