I bleed green by Vbede #WarOfWords6

Once upon a time in October, my grandfather
toned up his muscles, folded his knuckles
Into a fiery fist…
Swung it with all enthusiasm
until he was a turbine of four wheels
Swinging at a revolution time was too slow to count
Then dashed him the 60th blow in the 19th round
And like the many unfortunate victims
his white skin came crashing down
in pieces of perfect symphony
though he was a Mozart of irony
An end to the grumbling anger of unfed ancestors
This was our destiny.

But its such an unfortunate success,
to be soaked into that sea of forgetfulness
That after 57years we’re still helpless to change our past
And the only time freedom was free
was when she was being transferred
from behind the white bars
to behind the black bars
Many of us sitting down waiting for bleaching waters to soak our flag
stained not only by the blood of the raped goddess of justice
who probably still feigning blindness and supremacy.
but also by the blood bath of forgotten innocence
What a glorified nonsense

And even some of our ethnical and religious customs
are contrary to our acclaimed creators.
On the other side of the rock,
Democratic dictators
Busy pleading the disgusting course of cattles’ right
And expecting us to believe that
for them to override our right is right
all because their right is still a virgin
Waiting for the the day the butcher’s knife
will be stained with the carcasses
of someone’s mother.


It’s about time to put an end to neglected nefariousness,
upheld and reverend cowardice
It’s time to grab the termites
of economic putrefaction by the testicles
Time to support those
who spread out their tentacles
for sake of our shameful civilized shackles
rather than mock them
making them public spectacles
as a never sufficing sacrifice
to the gods of some uncircumcised cabals
Time to bleed the resolve that’ll protect our children
Time to bleed the 5 letters that’ll stop
the incessant rape of a 57 year old woman
by her rebellious children,
Time to awaken the church
that Peter is about to be executed
Its time to bleed passion and resilience
for the comeback of Nigeria’s productivity
growth and excellence.
It’s time to grab that knife,
cut deep through our veins of fear
and let the green blood gush out,
Beat our chests and acclaim
I bleed Nigeria
I bleed green.


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