I Bleed Green by Sunsampaul De Philosopher #WarOfWords6

What would you do, if you discovered that the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, counsel, fortitude, piety and the fear of thy Lord, of that little boy have been buried in the catacombs of his predecessors.

What would you do if you take a walk with me into the slum and found dirty lad putting on dirty clothes, playing with dirty things, eating dirty food in dirty plate with dirty hands and dying of dirtiness.

What would you do? will you cry, will you fight, will you weep or will you bleed green?

Cos I bleed green for souls wasted overnight all because they were watch men and those who slept last night but couldn’t wake to see the bright morning sun.

I weep for pregnant women after spending more than nine months of hectic pregnancy still lost their babies in caesarian section.

And I also bleed green, I bleed green for those whose bodies have been used to test bombs, and bullets and rifles at Agbara, Festac, Borno, Port Harcourt and other robbery places and States of emergency.

And I also bleed green for those our brothers and sisters who went into the war front like Uriah to fight for me and for you and make sure we sleep without having one eye open.

I bleed green for our sisters who went into prostitution yet ended up having HIV/AIDS.

I bleed green for those whose creeks have been stained, food were drained, dehydration swallowed their lungs, poverty telegraphing in their midst and care they didn’t meet, cholera vomiting grotesque dust of bad health of them; yet they still overcome death.

I bleed green for Africa and our stigma, see our mark of enthusiasm lost, our ships turn cheap, leaders now rulers, we are now been judged by our complexion not character.

I bleed green to make sure that one day we all will live in peace, one day there’ll be no segregation, one day there’ll be no religious diversity.

I bleed green today so I’ll be strong tomorrow, cos green is life, green is real, green is strength.

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