I bleed Green by Samuel Lemaus #WarOfWords6

You would think you are strong
Until when you get home
For home holds those smiles that are dry of fecundity,
For home reminds you of things that fallout of places
And gladness rottened by worms of good things that never happened.
Reminding you of mother’s joy
Darkened by damp dust
Of smoked smiles that stain the faces of beautiful people

You will want to forget this
Until reality dawns on you
You would find your heart trembling
When you’re welcomed by reality
Home will remind you of wonderful things that found the exit,
Of joy and smile that were stolen
Or that found a way out of our life…..
How can I bleed green when all joy are gone!
How can I bleed green when all joy are gone
For this room remind me of empty spaces


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