I BLEED GREEN by Njoku Fr33zinPaul #WarOfWords6

It is the War of Words but I am in love so my words will not be at war neither like an ass in a hole will they be a bore. I just want to tell you how special you are.

Lady, the first day I met you,
Your eyes reminded of my childhood.
So gleeful, bright and without falsehood.
Your voice outshined the Nightingale’s.
That moment with you was worth more than far fetched fairy tales.

Lady, you need no embassy because my heart bleeds green all over.
So, take this Visa to my Paradise and I will be no parasite.
I know you have been hurt but you and I can be so hot.
Hotter than the fieriest volcano,
Slow and steady we gonna rock the tide like a canoe.
For you are my SureBet but I will never play you because this isn’t Ludo or Judo,
Come closer, Be my numero uno because if you dunno,
I bleed Green for you tho.

Love, I want you to be my RELATION,
Let’s sail on this SHIP.
Come, share my heart, my body and my soul.
A player I was but with you, I have really reached my goal.
I will love you till eternity,
A Love so strong, we will name our daughter Charity.

I know sometimes, you see ladies around me but please forget them,
They are out, standing.
You and I can be the perfect match,
We can be outstanding.

I bleed Green like FIDELITY because I promise to KEEP MY WORD and if we ever make love like O na na!
I can be your Banana or your cucumber.
You know, I bleed Green.

So come, be the oasis for my troubled and empty heart,
B the Vitamins curing this cancer of loneliness eating me deep like the bug in my grandma’s library.
Stain me with the colour of your Love: Red? No, Green green green.
My love for you will never suck,
My love no bi Philips.
Be my mama, let me be your taata.
Feed me with your supplement so succulent and if you ever need a forest of love,
I can be your Poe-Trees because babe,
I bleed Green.


N.B. “Taata” is an Igbo word meaning “Child” “Numero Uno” is a Spanish word meaning “Number one”

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