How I Found My Wings by Ugochukwu Emebiriodo aka Hitch #WOWAfrica

Permit me to tell you a story
Of how I found my wings
Through the pages of Du Bois
Hughes, Angelou, Okigbo
Baldwin, Giovanni, Gwendolyn Brooks
Edgar Alan Poe
I found my wings
In tiny feathers pinned to every page
The farther I explored
The more wings I grew
I realized that I can’t be pinned down
Tamed, my default flying vertical distance is at 6000 feet
Above all the hate and misery
In pages I find peace

See I tell you
There ain’t no pleasing solo flight like poetry
Uplifting one above all the hate and drudgery
With words the stars become your starting point
If you have sailed through literary pages you know I have a point
Of a page sailed
An extra knowledge is gained
See words transports you from the position of a
Mere mortal to a god
For every line read or scribble
For every word crafted or dribbled on paper
Your legendary status is guaranteed.

Words gave me wings
To rise above these political vagabonds
Who have fed us with their unseasoned Salmons
Now in office all we hear are sermons
Election time they bought our mothers conscience with oils in gallons
Our fathers with depressing cheap wine in foreign cartons
Blinded our sisters with dubia trips and carrets of diamonds
Split our brothers into gangs making them warlords.
Of course I’m wise enough to be vocal about their failures
Need I say more
Words are swords
An Educated mind is a dangerous one
For in the aviation school of words
Bravery, common sense and Intellectual competence
Are courses taught

As words gave me wings
Of course they can give you wings
If only you can bend your head down
Not in religious affirmation
But personal growth
Chew words
Breath words
But it’s no smooth sailing flight
Words would mess with your emotions
Uplift and sometimes threaten to drown you
But in the end
I promise you
Twould be worth it.
You become a pilot of your own thoughts

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