FAT | Spoken Word Poetry

Society will tell you that if you’re fat then you’re worthless and lazy,
that you do not deserve a man who’s way out of your league,
cos they’re reserved for beautiful people,
you know the ones who are tall and skinny
with collar bones that sticks out from their chest and a thigh gap for the whole world to see
see we are conditioned to think that those are the only things that make a person ‘pretty’
worthy of being seen on television, social media and fashion magazines
See fat people, they don’t belong in that world
they’ve been told to wear big jumpers and baggy tees
the type of clothes that cover every inch of their body
see they’re not designed for crop tops or short sleeves,
it’s become clear that popular clothing stores do not cater for curvaceous physiques
just the word fat sounds so negative and ugly
it’s as if the media refuses to acknowledge that these people are even part of society
I mean it’s one thing to say they don’t fit in with the model industry
but to ignore them completely – it’s obscene

See the reason why this attitude is dangerous,
is because of the impact it has on people mentally
it creates insecurity and destroys young girls self esteem
When the world focuses so much on body size you start to look at yourself differently
You’re more conscious walking down the street
filled with guilt you start watching what you eat
obsessively counting calories
the voices in your head keep you up when in your sleep
you no longer think clearly
It’s everywhere you go, the shopping centre, at school, in the library
people shaming you, blaming you, such hate when they speak
and you hear it so often, that even now you start to believe
that you deserve all this hate, thinking to yourself that maybe the problem is me
society has made you feel like a prisoner in your own body

From a young age girls and boys grow up hating the body that they’re in
Feeling guilty when they binge,
like they’ve committed a sin
Thinking that the only way they’ll ever be happy is if only, just for one day they knew what it felt like to be thin
believing that that will take all there problems away – when in reality – it doesn’t work that way
true happiness comes from within – and to do that you need to love the skin your in
any other way and you just won’t win
just an endless cycle where you keep sinking and sinking

we’re obsessed with body size, there are countless videos on how to lose weight quickly online
which is so unhealthy cos this is a process and these things take time
according to magazines I have the perfect body size when in reality I am far from okay – I am medically underweight
just cos I can fit into a size zero pair of jeans doesn’t mean my life is great!
we’ve been led to believe that if we’re skinny then our life will magically fall into place, and everything will be happy and okay
wake up, life doesn’t work that way
what defines you is your character, your thoughts, your experiences – not your weight.

A generation where we starve yourself thin, so consumed by expectations and self hate,
made to feel like your not good enough because you don’t look a certain way,
like as humans we need to tick boxes to feel self worth,
only then will you be respected.
All carbon copy stick thin models, look perfect on the outside, but on the inside we are empty.
No passion, no opinions, nothing interesting to say, – is this really our fate?
Well I refuse for this to be the truth, there is so much more to life – it doesn’t have to be this way.
it’s all just a sick game society has made, and you can either play and live a life filled with shame and self hate, or you can be brave, realise your own truth and walk away.
live life your own way, where YOU have the ultimate say.
If you want to lose weight, great, just make sure you do it the healthy way,
and for the right reasons, understand that it’s process, and work at it day by day.
I say all of this because even though I don’t know you, I still care,
Now I’m not condoning excessive eating, but I don’t see how fat shaming is helping in anyway
When will people realise body positivity is not about encouraging obesity
It’s about allowing people for once in their life to accept their body without feeling ashamed or guilty.
So this is why I stress, work on being healthy and make that you’re priority
learn to appreciate and love yourself,
and give yourself a chance to be happy.

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