Emancipation by Foursyte Bogani #WarOfWords2

The evil wind came, ranting as darkness began to reign/
Pages of my life flew like birds up the sky/
Dangling in friendly canticle of nature/
Humiliating my indolent eyes/
Hot and breathless i sat/
judging every moment/
Watching every moment/
now,i remember what the old old man said/
in a crackling tattered voice/
my pikin, suffry, suffry catch monkey/
Person wey sleep for planting season go surely hungry when harvest time come/
I kiss this gift of wisdom with passion/
bury ashes of fear/
Sacrifice a lamb beholding salvation/
Mr. jailer how long will u keep me/
my dreams can not be manacled/
take your bread is forbiden/
hunger is nothing i have seen her nakedness/
let this pain eat up my flesh/
Bury my bones in the world of strangeness/
our fate will never change/
Chain and unchain i see mortals lying in the corridors of change/
is amazing God’s blessings rest on all age/
i speak to those who care to dream/
the child that never sleep,battling reality all for a dream/
in the eyes of penury,confusion,misery,segregation,geno­cide,mutiny,grief/
no one knows when life will be no longer/
Walk with time,earth is home/
We are all strangers/
Rise above disbelief be the change you seek/

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