Educational Malnutrition by McNaevets Osnon #WarOfWords6

We are no longer GCE – Given Creative Education
So we WAEC, I mean – Waste Away Efforts Constantly in exams.
Check it:
Write JAMB and get not the required score,
They’ll say you are dull even if computer malfunctions at the hall
Hence better luck next time feeds your famished heart.
This educational malnutrition
Where unhealthy schools advertise themselves with truthful lies
While some good teachers assist in killing intelligence and creativity.

The system bleeds no green anymore
‘cause in varsities some unpopular celebrities graduate with a noticeable absence
Like “good grades, but no job unless you have a long leg
And if no long leg you’ll have to beg for a cheap job
And some literate elites bearing greedy traits
Set up schools, making it an Ultimate profit Circular
Thinking we are just some Givers Forum
To make their Crowd Rising
So they twinkle as stars and we think they are stars
Alas! Education is no Money Making Ritual
But a mutual of understanding regardless of our pockets

We all have different gifts, abilities and perception
But school, your attitude towards this brings confusion
All abilities if considered resourceful
Would eventually get the value of X and answer the question ‘y’
But if you continually malnourished every gifts,
Visions will be lost, feelings paralyzed, imagination and creativity dead.

Maybe that’s why oceans of graduate still wave the streets
Yet aspiring graduates the gate will greet
And flood bit by bits to face the heat.

Education is green, good system makes it bleed
But how can a system keep on growing smaller and running slowly with blind sight
Increasing tuition fee but not delivering the goods
Encouraging literacy but classrooms are in bad look
Participating in strikes and minding not heart of students they strike
ASUU – All Students Usually Understands
Now let me ask you, do you provide light
Or needs to be put out of sight
I thought you were meant to set things right
And not use your traffic to deprive others of their green light.

I bleed green and I am proud of the Green-White-Green
But this system seems not bleeding green
So Mr. Minister, can you add more gleam on our education system
Invest more and focus on a collaborating system.
I know it’s not easy bleeding green
And I agree with Rudolf Steiner’s thought that
“Green represents the dead image of life.
But when it comes to malnourished school,
It becomes a living dead image of lies
So I rather stay alive in my closet and think healthy
Than compete in school to collaborate in reality
So when my teacher comes asking for feedback
I’ll tell her some so called engine-ass couldn’t even fix a fuse
And grades, I refuse to believe before it confuses my belief
Because nowadays grades can be bought over by green-eyed-monster to maneuver
And I often wonder, what the sum of these waste is
So much money paid, yet our brains are systematically and mentally abused
Are paying fees that men tally to make zombies
Like we’re remembering to forget the legacy of education
Of truth, light and hope and I hope you light this truth
But if you don’t, call me and I will tell
Time will come when nobody will go to school because it is too crowded.

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