Brainbox | How far we have come | #WOWAFRICA

Just look how far we have come.
Some of us, from the darkest of slums
Not knowing what to do with our lives
Not knowing what to become
Until we realized that words spoken
Can be louder than a gunshot
Amid a parade of drums
Some of us were concieved broken
In the middle of a storm
And our dreams aborted long before
We were born
But see how far we have come
Not much of a distance but
If we could walk, without shy
Then we can run, knowing that the runway
Is not too far away from the sky
Yes we can fly on the wings
Of the things we prophesy.
The words we bring on stage
Sometimes out of rage to slay silence
The courage, the license to engage the worst listeners, to change lives and proclaim freedom to prisoners of war, of excess power, religion and hate
To say honest, on this journey to our fate
This journey of a thousand metaphors and millions of rhymes, that’s how far we have come on the wings of time
with only a mindset and heart-full of emotions to wash the bloodied and battered feet of this planet
See across the oceans through our messages of love, hope, peace, liberty, prosperity and salvation in His grace
The bitter memories of yesterday shall be erased so they don’t interfere in our lives today
Or determine how far we should go… Or even
How loud we can sing
You should know that words give you wings

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