Bleeding Heart – Obed Chime Obehi #warofwords6

Dad left home to be solitude in the bosom of a strange woman
Now works so hard to provide food and education for me and my siblings
And my mum keeps telling me son education is the key so make me proud
But we live in a society were school really develop your mind
As long as you just follow the rules regurgitate fact and figure then pass your exams
You are good to go
That’s because examiners has a check list and once you try to go beyond the box
Automatically your result then come with an x
And yet they tell you school was suppose to expand your thinking
After night with the dead mind i find myself with half waken student acting like zombies waiting to handling their assignment
I believe that’s why it is called the dead end
Spending countless night memorizing fact figures date and equations writing everything down to the letters
Most of which i forget the moment i walk out of the exam hall
And at the end of the day even my proud mum did not even shown up for my graduation
So i realize i am now part of the unemployed graduate in the society due to the bad economical system
Because the government only care about their selfish desires and needs
So last elections was the first and last time you see me put an x next to to any part list
Cos even Vanessa cant even get job even when she pay attention to every loping lessons
Cos you see are the youth engaging in crime and violence
Long ladies going into prostitution
So i bleed
I bleed green cos now i can’t even fathom the depth of fruition limitations and distractions to my aspirations
So i have to join the league of the so called big boys drinking and smoking my life away as if i was just created and get wasted away at the week end
I remember coming home from club one day with my drunk friends and my called me said she was so worried about me and she need to pray with me
So the moment she stop praying the next thing i realize was i found my self at the hospital bed and nurse me we were engaged in a car crash that all my Friends hard died that i was the only survival
So i bleed
So i remember that it was my little prayers that hard save me
So i needed Christ in my life
Now that i have Christ in me i don’t have to hide my sins no more cos my salvation don’t depend on me it depends on him
Cos he took all my sins and buried them in tomb and i believe that’s why it is called grace
So when he was dying he yelled Father forgive them for they do not what they are doing
So when he said it is finished i believe he met it
So do you bleed
Do you bleed green

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