Ben Vivian – AS I STAND #WOWAfrica

As I stand formless,even more shapeless than the amoeba.
As I stand empty and void hoping for filling up.
As darkness covers me entirely so that every hope of good coming out of me seems impossible.

My counterpart has a beautiful form filled with beautiful creatures.
My counterpart shines with light while I remain an epitome of ugliness.
But then,one day,a personality stood beside the highly being and nodded”it was time”,as I wondered in my head what building tools the mighty Jah would use to shape me or fill my emptiness or extinct the darkness within me.
And so He began by flooding me with light as I like King David danced with gratitude filled in my heart.
The darkness in me wasn’t extinct but rather turned into a beautiful night filled with stars that you could stare at and admire.
My formless state was given shape as the waters in me were gather at a place and land appeared as I stared in wonder like Alice at the artisticness of this personality.
My void was filled with amazement more amazing than the Spiderman.
Creatures of all kinds,vegetations and of the most important occupant Man,dominated in me.
You see I am Mother earth created from the words of the greatest architect who needed not a pencil draw His plans or builders because words are spirit and life.
You are what you think and what you think are the words you utter and the words you utter and the words you utter are spirit and the spirit is like the wind, so you need not aeroplane or rocket to skyrocket you to greatness because the wings to fly are internet in the words u utter so that even when you are weak, it gives you vitality to soar higher and Dodge every obstacle like Jackie Chan.

So stop,stop saying words like “I can’t do this”.
Stop saying words like” it is impossible ” because it only clips your wings from flying and soaring higher to greater heights in life.
But rather start,
Start saying words like “I am the greatest, I can do all things”,as such words pushes out your wings and as you keep saying them makes your wings to flap,flap as they spread and begin to fly and take you to greater heights in life.
But you can only start such words when you sit at the feet of the ancient words.

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