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Published on Jun 5, 2015

(Lyrics Below)
This is an original Spoken Word that sheds light on my perspective of recent race relations and medias influence on how we perceive one another. If you enjoyed this please consider subscribing to be notified of when I post more poetry. Thank you.

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this is just an observation

Doesn’t mean that I’m perfect/
May seem on the surface/
I’m Just being insurgent/
But I’m not being a jerk it’s/
Me being of service/
to those Knee deep in the worship/
Of seeing the worst and worthless/
Of TV and commercials/
first things first though/

This is aimed at the copper/
just because he may appear to have a history and doesn’t seem to speak proper/
doesn’t mean you should seek not to

ignore your inner bias/
but then apply this/

same principle to the imbecile/
thinking that its commendable/
to hate a man in a uniform marking him expendable/

for the greater good his cause is universal/
lets pause this/
cause this all gets controversial/

black male
white cop

is it just me or is this trending/
it started long before freddie gray and shows no signs of ending/
but are we pretending/

that we don’t see a bigger issue/
other than misuse of a pistol/
drawn from the hip to inflict you/
with thick wounds from bullets sent to a victim/

are these the only shots being fired
why is this all that we see/
why is black vs white headlining the news on tv/

I began to ask this myself this question

somehow we’ve allowed them to exploit our differences/
we get labeled as literal opposites like they don’t know what the difference is/

black isn’t a pigment/
white sure as hell isn’t/
so why do we use these terms when crime against civil rights are committed/
its simple i will admit it/
took time to commit this/
to my mind and my senses/
that maybe they want division/

so I thought to myself
“hey me, how can i fix this”/

but its not for me to fix

I can only raise your conscience/
I only ask that you guard your heart and steer clear of all the nonsense/
but beyond this/
lets be honest/
nobody really cares about lyrical content or comments/
unless its flicking your wrist and waking up flawless/
this nation is lawless/
so why be astonished/
when the psyche of lawmen is to strike, beat, or off men/
that wear nike and call them pig, whitey, or boss man/
i mean i might be at caution if i ever got called them/
but then again free speech given rightly to all men/
means fighting for all of them/
more than every so often/

so regardless of your stance
I’m speaking to both parties/
no speech or poem written can bring back a broken heartbeat/

so parents look at your children

I mean critically take a gaze/
they are literally the epitome of you and all of your ways/
If you’re truly loving them fully/
pat yourself on the back/
if you’re not then white or black/
society teaches them how to act.

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