Abraham Clement – Word by Heartbeat #WOWAfrica

All my life,

I have had sleepless nights,

Searching for the right words…

I have searched through

Every lines by lines,

Pages after pages,

Backs after backs,

Of books that seems to have exist for ages

Yet, still don’t find the right words.

Words that proclaimed

Let there be light,

Gave the birds flight,

Made my golden pen write;

I search through the words of man

But never realise

The still, small voice

Of my heart;

With words hidden under

My skin,

Flows with my blood,

Beats through my heart,

Reads through my mind,

And proclaims the words

Of the greatest times….

Words that seem paradoxical

At the beginning,

Suspense intriguing,

I wait completely,

Until after decades of

Metaphors and irony


These words hidden under my skin,

Are not the words of the mouth;

But these are the words

Of Wordsworth,

Coleridge, Socrates

Aristotle, Thomas Hardy,

Shakespeare, martin Luther king,

Nelson Mandela.

These are the words

That flows through

The lines of weird ones:

Troubadours, artisans, poets

Blessed are they

For they make us see the

World through a different eye.

And just as the larvae

Emerges to a caterpillar

And the butterfly breaks for its freedom

Just as the river flows,

The duets cold,

My lines bold,

My times sold and

My life bethroned

To the words

That give me life;

Words that brings no strife;

These are the words

That two hearts

Make a duet;

Words that are made up

Of couplets



Rhyme schemes

Long lost has it been;

And when the clouds groan,

The seas ready to evade,

Ears anxious for that


I shall seek endlessly

For those words

That open my eyes,

Words that beat through my heart,

Words that reads through my mind,

Words that makes me,


Words that

Gives me wings…….

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